Web Applications

Here is a list of a few sample web based applications developed by R F Dace. There are three types:

  • Pure web apps (HTML, CSS and javascript only).
  • Dart based apps (that replace javascript with DART and run faster).
  • Flutter based apps (that can also run natively on Android and iOS).

Your browser will give you the option to install Flutter web apps as local apps after you open the app’s web page. Enjoy!

State PersistenceFlutterLocal browser persistence automatically stores and restores the counterState Persistence
Login ValidationFlutterBloc login validation using TexFormFiled controllers Login Validation
MoviesFlutterIllustrates accessing an API (MoviesDb) and displaying images (no movies)http://www.top-brains.com/movies/
Music PlayerFlutter1st Release of Music Player. Just proof of concepthttp://www.top-brains.com/musicplayer/